Patterned Defect Inspection:
KLA-Tencor 2132/33 Parts
KLA-Tencor 2135/8/9 Parts
KLA-Tencor 2360/5/7 Parts
KLA-Tencor 2401/30 Parts (Viper) Parts
KLA-Tencor AIT-xx Parts
KLA-Tencor 9xxx Parts (PUMA)

Patterned Overlay Metrology:
KLA-Tencor 5xxx & Archer Parts

Non-Patterned Surface Defect Inspection:
KLA-Tencor SP1-xxx Parts
KLA-Tencor SurfScan Parts

Patterned Ultra-Violet (UV) Film Thickness Measurement:
KLA-Tencor UV1xx0 Parts
KLA-Tencor F5(x) & SFx Parts

KLA-Tencor Surface Profiler Parts

KLA-Tencor 8xxx CD-SEM System Parts
KLA-Tencor Vacuum System Parts

KLA-Tencor Motors
KLA-Tencor Patlite Light Towers
KLA-Tencor Stages

Prometrix Parts
Therma-wave Parts



Yaskawa Brooks Automation is a Registered Trademark of
Brooks Automation, Inc., and Yaskawa Brooks Automation, Inc.

Asyst is a Registered Trademark of Brooks Automation Inc.


Semiconductor Wafer Handling:
PRI Equipe Brooks Robots
PRI Equipe Brooks Controllers
PRI Equipe Brooks Pre-Aligners
PRI Equipe Brooks Linear Tracks
Brooks Yaskawa Robots
Brooks Yaskawa Controllers
Brooks Yaskawa Pre-Aligners


PRI Equipe Brooks Robot Accessories

Asyst Parts & Accessories

Asyst SMIF-300FL FrontLoaders S2 / S3 / ISOPORT


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